January 22, 2019
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By Andrea Scott
Staff Writer

Since 1960, Cal State Dominguez Hills has been the home to a diverse community of students.
The campus claims over 100,000 alumni, including doctors, scientists, engineers, educators, psychologists and entrepreneurs. These leaders, who hail from different fields, are striving to make a difference in the lives of those around them.
Though CSUDH is the alma mater for tens of thousands of minorities and women, graduation rates among men of color are low compared to white men nationwide. This is an issue in the CSU system overall.
To help close the gap, the College of Futures Foundation granted CSUDH a $166,000 grant to help men of color complete their degrees.
“While school success and postsecondary degree attainment of men of color at all levels in the national pipeline are important, this project will focus on the California State University and system wide disparities that compel us to act,” said William Franklin, vice president of student affairs, who is in charge of writing the grant and will help administer it.

This grant will enable all 23 Cal State campuses to not only plan but to organize and share “models of best practices” for young men of color. These forums will include leaders from academic affairs, student affairs departments, and students from throughout the CSU system.