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By Beatriz Arreola
Lifestyle Editor

Welcome to Level Up!, a regular column in each CSUDH Bulletin about video games and video game culture from someone who spends every second of her free time hours deep into a game instead of doing my ethnography paper that’s due the next day.

Get ready for a rundown, with some pros and cons, on “Monster Hunter: World,” one of the most anticipated action role-playing games of 2018.

Developed by Capcom, this is the first game in the “Monster Hunter” franchise to be introduced to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

(Sorry PC master race, but your launch comes later in the year.)

Like any typical RPG, “Monster Hunter: World,” allows you to create a custom character. I know what you’re thinking: what is so special about that? Well, I haven’t told you the best part yet:
You get to have a cat companion. Yes, a CAT!. They are called Calicos in game, that you can customize and dress up.

You don’t have to read the rest of this review: I’m sure you’re sold on it.

You’re welcome.

Cute cats aside, the story itself leaves a lot to be desired, but that can be overlooked because of the amazing graphics and epic showdowns.

In the very first mission, you get to battle a Great Jargas, a massive iguana, and your hunts only become harder from there.

You have side quest options that require you to gather materials or trap a monster that you previously encountered. Go ahead and do your side quests if that’s what you like, but the game allows you to just jump into boss fight after boss fight, if that’s what you’re there for.

Which is why I give this game a huge thumbs-up, because I hate unnecessary filler, give me huge monster raids.

But I do have some issues.

The bosses are borderline perfect. You can go about starting the fights on your own if you are crazy, or you can group up with friends to help you take the monster down. However, the grouping-up mechanic in the game can be annoying when starting a main boss fight because you can’t start them with friends.

You need to watch the cut scene on your own, then the game allows you to send out an SOS flare for people to join. That can allow for randoms to join if you’re lonely and have no friends.(And, really, whom amongst isn’t lonely or friendless?) But, while you’re frantically trying to send the SOS flare, there is no pausing. So that flying dragon can continue to attack you the whole time.

Do not get me started on how frustrating it can be when you aren’t the host of the session, so you lag every time you move. But, I’ve already started. The latency issue, when dodging the potentially one shot hits the monsters can do, sucks.

This game is not for the faint of heart, casual players who want to pick up something quick. The fights can take an hour to complete. Keep that in mind, you need to have time to throw out the window.

But, with that said, I must confess: I haven’t had this much fun playing an RPG since “Horizon Zero Dawn” on the PS4.

Overall, if you can group up with a friend, this game is an immersive experience full of enjoyable times. I don’t think I would enjoy the game as much if I had to fight on my own, because I suck.