January 22, 2019
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By Tanisha Bell


Being a college student can be a bit much. Trying to juggle a job, school work, family and a social life can leave little time or energy to cook. That can mean snacking or buying fast food on and off campus.

     I have always leaned toward eating healthfully. I’m opposed to stopping by McDonald’s, but oh how I love those fries. McDonald’s was my go-to until I noticed my body and the way it responded poorly to fast food.

     Sometimes it is much easier and less time consuming to buy McDonalds, but is it the healthiest? No. Is it the cheapest? Compared to Veggie Grill, yes, but there are better low-cost options, if you take time to do a little planning.

     If we focus on what our bodies respond well to, fruits and vegetables would be the response. Not just fruits and veggies, but other healthy snacks. These options not only keep our bodies feeling light and easy, but they are less expensive than buying meals at fast-food restaurants.

     Being a college student and worrying about how to keep our bellies full, with the few options on campus, why not pack ourselves healthy snacks and lots of water? This will save us money, and we will have fewer worries about consuming unhealthy foods.

     As college students, we should know the importance of keeping a healthy eating regimen to fuel us through months and years of  hard work. Healthy eating gets us through the day without feeling sluggish or heavy.

     Let’s keep in mind that our health is very important and is more of a factor helping us stay afloat, particularly as we float toward graduation.

     Remember, you are what you eat.

     Would you rather be a Philly cheesesteak or an apple?