December 11, 2018
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By Miroslava Cerda
Staff Writer


The CSUDH women’s basketball homecoming game against UC San Diego on Feb. 9 in the Student Athletics Gym was filled with excitement.
The 67-49 loss did not reflect how well the Lady Toros played, according to their coach.
“The team is resilient,” coach John Bonner said.
Toward the end of the second quarter, UCSD had a 12-point lead over CSUDH. The Toros came back strong in the third quarter but had some difficulty putting up points.
Defense overall could have been stronger. There were rebounds CSUDH could have converted into points.
There was so much intensity in the atmosphere during the game that kept spectators hooked.
The season record was 6-16 when The Bulletin went to press. Losing three players this season, due to injuries, and two coaches, the Toros have not given up, according to player Lisa Rhett.
“If you want to see a team fight, that doesn’t give up, come support,” Rhett said. “We are going to fight to the end” Rhett said.