September 27, 2021
  • 7:00 am Outstanding Professor Award Recipient’s Mic Drop Moment at Last Month’s Virtual Ceremony
  • 9:10 am Bookworms of the World Unite!
  • 7:46 pm Breaking News: All Students Living in Campus Housing Required to Receive COVID-19 Vaccine
  • 9:00 am CSUDH Esports Creates International Competition
  • 9:35 am Spring Commencement Ceremonies Get Brighter
  • 3:46 pm Breaking News: Spring Commencement Ceremonies Recieve Stadium Upgrade
  • 8:00 am Testing the Teachers (and All the Educators)
  • 9:30 am CSUDH Educators and School Employees, Vaccinated Next
  • 10:30 am For White People Only: Anti-Racism Workshop Addresses Racial Bias and Unity
  • 2:43 pm Greatness Personified: Remembering Kobe Bryant
  • 10:02 am Straight Down the Chimney and Into Your (Digital) Hands: Special Holiday Edition of The Bulletin!
  • 2:44 pm Did You Wake up Looking this Beautiful?
  • 11:43 am A Long History for University’s Newest Major
  • 5:15 pm Issue 5 of Bulletin Live! Collector’s Item! Worth its Weight in Digital Paper!
  • 4:06 pm Special Election Issue
  • 4:03 pm Three best Latinx Halloween & Horror Short Films available now on HBO Max
  • 9:49 am Issue 3 of CSUDH Bulletin Live if You Want It
  • 3:24 pm Hispanic Heritage Month Update
  • 2:00 pm South Bay Economic Forecast Goes Virtual
  • 3:52 pm BREAKING NEWS: Classes for Spring to be Online, CSU Chancellor Announces
  • 9:39 am “Strikes” and Solidarity
  • 8:30 am March Into History: Just 5 in 1970, CSUDH Growth Shaped by Historic Event
  • 8:30 am Will the Bulletin Make Today Tomorrow?
  • 9:04 am Different Neighborhoods Warrant Rubber Bullets or Traffic Control For Protesters
  • 5:07 pm STAFF EDITORIAL: Even Socially Distant, We All Have to Work Together
  • 5:47 pm Transcript of CSUDH President Parham’s Coronavirus Announcement
  • 10:46 am Cal State Long Beach Suspends Face-to-Face Classes; CSUDH Discussing Contingency Plans
  • 5:26 pm Things Black People Should be Able to Get Away with This Month
  • 10:25 am Latinx Students Need a Place to Call Home
  • 2:35 pm Will Time Run Out Before Funds for PEGS? [UPDATED]
  • 8:41 am Year of the Rat? What’s That?
  • 6:20 am Artist Who Gave Life to Death and Inspired Countless Others Gets His Due at Dominguez Hills
  • 5:16 pm Why I’m Rooting for Dr. Cornel West
  • 5:00 pm Under Fire from the Feds, Vaping’s Future is Cloudy
  • 3:28 pm We’re Going to Need a Bigger Boat; Tsunami 3.0 Hits Campus, Enrollment Swells
  • 4:48 pm University Weathering a Wave of New Students
  • 9:21 pm The Bulletin’s Public Records Request Offers Springboard to Launch Gender Equity Discussion at CSUDH
  • 4:27 pm Black is the New Black: Raising the Capital on the “B” Word
  • 10:53 am Guns Up for Arrest: Student advocacy group pushes for CSU No Gun Zones–Including the Police
  • 4:09 pm Staff Editorial: Words on the First
  • 8:42 pm Carson Mayor Blasts Media, Landmark Libel Case in Keynote Address
  • 9:27 am Free Speech Week Calendar of Events Update
  • 6:02 am Food for Thought: 40% of Students are Food Insecure
  • 3:12 pm Academic Senate Rejects CSU GE Task Force & Report
  • 3:06 pm Work To Be Done
  • 5:56 pm ASI Elections: What You Need to Know
  • 8:02 pm CSUDH President Parham Announces Cancer Diagnosis
  • 9:47 am CSUDH Art Professor’s 20-Year Journey Results in First Local Showing of Film
  • 9:13 pm Free Speech or Free Hate area?
  • 9:08 pm CSUDH’s Best & Brightest Shine at Student Research Day
  • 9:05 pm Academic Senate Approves Gender Equity Task Force
  • 12:37 pm When Dr. Davis speaks, Toros Pay Close Attention
  • 3:38 pm Investing in the Future: Dr. Thomas A. Parham Reflects on the Past Eight Months and Contemplates​ the University’s Future
  • 3:24 pm Green Olive to Open By End of Feb; Starbucks Not Until Fall
  • 3:20 pm Gov. Newsom’s Proposed Budget Hailed for Extensive Funding Increases
  • 3:08 pm Out of the Classroom: Labor and Community Organizing Course Aims to Teach Students How to Organize for Social Justice
  • 2:54 pm The Other Route in Professional Sports
  • 9:02 am Hail to the New Chief, CSUDH President Thomas Parham
  • 3:36 pm Career Center Holds Major/Minor Fair
  • 5:34 pm After Unexpected Delay, Undocumented Becomes More Intimate Theatrical Production
  • 1:30 pm What to Expect When You’re Expecting New Buildings
  • 7:53 pm Will the New Era of College Education Rely on Zoom?
  • 7:46 pm First Time Living Alone During Autumn; Some Tips to Dive into the Autumn Spirit
  • 7:36 pm Toros Volleyball Ready to Flip the Odds
  • 7:12 pm CCAA Network Offered Free for Fans this season
  • 7:07 pm CSUDH Men’s Basketball Adds Seven Newcomers to Roster

I was birthed one day with a gift,

But it wasn’t material.

It was all frustratingly serial to my lifetime movie

Except I have no stunt-double, no rehearsal, and no co-stars to fool me.

It is a language only women seem to understand,

And they are the only ones who I know what I am talking about

Because it is so unknown to man.

A universal superpower that allows us to acquire knowledge

Through the telepathic use of the subconscious.

Helps us understand the difference between clarity and the nonsense.

The only one who really knows you

It is the deepest within your mind

You don’t need a psychologist when you already know what to find.

Like a cheat sheet allowed during the test,

But you still stop to ask what the answer is

Because you are too young to know what it means to have that gut feeling.

Lust is not love,

You have less trust than a fake bank account

But you keep cashing these checks with hope when you know they always bounce.

Your co-workers really don’t give a [expletive]

You work in a survival-of-the-fittest war zone,

Yet you continue to paint smiles and facial expressions on each other like clowns in army uniform.

Your friends are mostly acquaintances,

Only acquaint one another with instances of instant gratification

And your family,

Shares nothing with you but your blood.

You love yet hate each other the most,

You each hold a key to your closets filled with skeletons and holy ghosts

But keep it locked up until you are provoked.

So as a result,

You learn what was already taught.

Mother always knows best

She wasn’t making this up when she told you to stay away.

Generations of ancestral knowledge

Travel through the blood and veins of time

Vibrations don’t lie

They time travel to speak higher truths

So find guidance in this spiritual alliance

Or the results will make you delirious.

A little girl woke up one day in a state of shock as she realizes,

She must break up with society

Because it’s not me,

It’s you that’s been killing us.

She stands physically tall but her spirit is what’s kneeling her

So I tell her,

This superpower is the reason they will never defeat us.

Like the comic book call us marvelous,

Our struggles may be different

But we often forget what we all share in common.

Intuition is a bitch

But that is only because she is unapologetically honest.

Yet even when it appears identically familiar

We still do the exact opposite.

Don’t confuse intuition with judgment

When intuition gives you a call,

You start feeling butterflies all in your stomach.

Not because love is in the air,

But because your adrenaline finally starts talking.

Your blood starts rushing

Your heart starts pumping

Your mind is racing

And you begin perspiring.

You don’t want it to be true

But these feelings make you ready to turn violent

It doesn’t matter if you knew all along,

Intuition is screeching at you for what seems to be years of silence

So now you must break free

And reveal all that you’ve been hiding.

You are now the lead role in this movie,

Starring the insecure, crazy woman with a resting face that is never happy.

Everybody’s greatest scape goat, punching bag, and blow-up doll.

An unrecognized private investigator,

You put two and two together

But when all is said and done

It is still somehow our fault

We should have known better

Because the signs were there from the start.

Stop thinking with your mind and your heart

Intuition is your only friend

She will never break you apart.

One day you will be the one to wake up and realize

She’s the only one you should’ve listened to,

For she is never wrong.

-Marilyn Palacios



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