January 22, 2019
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By Jacqueline Resendiz Morales
Staff Writer

“Blood Wedding”, a play centered around a complicated love triangle, was colorful and gave the audience the opportunity to see the actors closer than usual.
The actors were out of the public eye for a few scenes, but most of time they stayed in the background and in character.
The production used various colors to represent different situations and emphasize the emotions that the characters felt during different points of the play.
It also offered the opportunity to hear the actors sing and dance, which was used to emphasize certain aspects of the characters.
It used humor to keep the audience’s attention and make the characters feel relatable.
The costumes and the makeup used on the characters gave nod to the Latin culture. The visuals gave the actors the ability to enhance their ability to deliver the message to the audience.
Their voice projection was good, but there were some characters that were difficult to hear at times.
As the audience, we were able to see when the set was being changed, but in a discrete way. The light colors were changed to a dark blue to give the feeling of small intermissions.
Different parts of the stage were used at all times and gave the public the ability to understand the characters better.
Overall, “Blood Wedding” was a play that used sexual humor to uplift the audience