January 22, 2019
  • 1:30 pm What to Expect When You’re Expecting New Buildings
  • 2:30 pm An Addict’s Journey Doesn’t End with Stopping
  • 2:00 pm Free College Shouldn’t Be a Pipe Dream
  • 1:00 pm Students go “Loco” for Taco Tuesday at CSUDH
  • 12:30 pm CSUDH Mourns Three Influential Professors

By Alexia Williams
Staff Writer

Editors and staff writers for The Bulletin are in the process of expanding the Dominguez Hills campus newspaper with a bi-weekly visual broadcast, with the help of social media Editor/Manager Kalie Calder.
This news channel will be a pre-recorded broadcast consisting of specific topics chosen by The Bulletin staff in regards to the most interesting and necessary topics to discuss.
Content for the news channel will be recorded in Room 5532, using the green screen, high-quality cameras and props provided by Professor Paul Fornelli from the Communications Department.
In today’s culture, many individuals access a large amount of information on the web, and this affects the way newspapers function.
Therefore, the purpose of this channel is to visually see and expand on topics the CSUDH community wants to know more about without having to read print, Calder explained.
The hard copy of The Bulletin is printed every other week, it can be read on the school website or picked up in the red newspaper boxes located throughout campus.
However, the broadcast video related to that specific Bulletin issue will fall on the following Friday. This will allow The Bulletin to provide fresh content every week.
The broadcast will be published on the Dominguez Hills website and on Youtube, so anyone can access it.
Staff writers of The Bulletin look forward to being able to incorporate a visual news channel along with a hard copy of the campus newspaper.
If you would like to pitch an idea for The Bulletin or news channel, email Calder at kcalder1@toromail.csudh.edu.