January 22, 2019
  • 1:30 pm What to Expect When You’re Expecting New Buildings
  • 2:30 pm An Addict’s Journey Doesn’t End with Stopping
  • 2:00 pm Free College Shouldn’t Be a Pipe Dream
  • 1:00 pm Students go “Loco” for Taco Tuesday at CSUDH
  • 12:30 pm CSUDH Mourns Three Influential Professors

By Chayan Garcia
Staff Writer

This column is meant to inform the campus community on some of the rich history behind the buildings and other physical structures that have helped build our university’s legacy.

Our first stop is the Leo F. Cain library, but not the glittering south part, which was added in 2010. It’s the original library, designed by the notable L A.-based architect  A. Quincy Jones, who created the campus’ original master plan in 1964. Jones’ aesthetic was to integrate the buildings with the surrounding landscape. Lush lawns and bold concrete walls flow into one other, and the flat roofs, big glass window fins for regulating light and the exposed concrete waffle slabs lend this early 1970s building, named after  CSUDH’s first president, a new formalist to brutalist style.