Art professor exhibits in L.A.

By Miroslava Cerda
Staff Writer

Artist Gilah Yelin Hirsch,  a CSUDH art professor, is exhibiting her work here in L.A.
Hirsch has been creating art since 1967. In her last semester in college at UC Berkeley, Hirsch took an art class where she discovered her hidden talent. Within a year the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) was showing her work.
The internationally exhibited artist has traveled widely and has learned to appreciate the world from different perspectives. She has found that grief is most commonly triggered and experienced in a similar manner, whereas that which constitutes joy is culturally determined and varies from culture to culture.
Hirsch currently has two exhibitions in Los Angeles. Her solo show at POST gallery in downtown LA is titled, “Emanation, Radiance, Glimmer, Murmuration.” The exhibition is a selection of paintings on canvas since 2014. She says the paintings act as a visual diary that reflects her life at the time.
“Bringing unknown images to life is what drives me,” said Hirsch. “It is limitless and endlessly exciting.”
She works from the unknown to discovery. Then as she works “the image begins to breathe,” said Hirsch. All of her art has meaning.
A second current exhibition at American Jewish University is called “Women of Valor,” in which two pieces of her art are being presented. At this show nine artists, including Hirsch, were asked to create images that represent a righteous woman.
Hirsch hopes the audience walks away from her exhibitions with a feeling of peace and healing.
Details on Hirsch’s shows can be found on her website,