Need Major Help Deciding a Major? Check out the Career Center

By Julissa Casillas, Staff Reporter

Deciding a major can be hard especially if you don’t have a clue what you are looking for. In an effort to assist those in such situations, the CSUDH Career Center held a Major and Minor fair Tuesday in the LSU Ballroom.

The fair provided students looking to find a career path, a plan to graduate in four years, and the opportunity to meet with representatives and professors of each major and minor. Students were provided with information regarding degree options from representatives of various fields.

CSUDH offers 44 undergraduate majors. However, students who enter college undecided or discover their chosen major or minor doesn’t fit right, may often feel stress when thinking of a career after graduating. Which is why events like this exist. 

“I was nervous at first because everyone always gives me a hard time being a psychology major because you can’t do too much with it,” said Karla Gomez, a sophomore, “but after talking to some professors it gives me comfort and that I can be one of the persons that does something with it.”

The fair also taught students about the Four Year Plan.

The Four Year Plan is a map designed to help students accomplish their achievements within four years. The first year is the time to explore what students like or what they are interested in. Students should explore the resources on campus and attend all career expos. Another thing is to meet up with a career coach to create a professional plan.

The second-year consists of the students developing their skills and to start gaining clarity of the degree. Internships would be a place to start that students can gain experience and develop professional skills. Students should also attend resume and cover letter workshops the career center offers. 

The third-year is time to start networking and students should be having an internship by then. Handshake is one way to help the students begin the process of job hunting. This year students should be applying and getting ready to graduate and making sure they are on track. Career coaches at the career center are happy to help students through this process. 

Finally, the fourth year is time to graduate. According to the Four Year Plan, students should be finding jobs and on their way out to the “real world.” The career center recommends that students keep up with the degree advisors to make sure they are not missing any classes or units.

“The plan has been keeping me on track to graduate and it works if you put the effort in as well,” said Luis Cardenas, a junior business major. 

Being involved and up to date will pay off in the long run when it comes to the next steps after graduation. Be sure to visit the Career Center in the new library on the third floor and make an appointment with a career coach.