Saving One Tooth at a Time

By Violeta Rocha
Staff Reporter

Is dental care considered a luxury in the United States? The prices are outrageous and to make it more agonizing, dental care is not covered by health insurance, while other countries like Canada, Austria, and Mexico have determined to make dental care affordable and accessible. Thankfully, CSUDH is providing dental care to students by launching dentistry on campus.

The CSUDH Student Health and Psychological Services partnered up with Smile Community Clinic, a nonprofit organization, to be able to provide students with dental services on campus. The services include primary dental care: Diagnostic X-Rays, Examinations, General Cleaning, and Fluoride, known as the cavity fighter, which is a mineral that prevents the teeth from decaying. Prices range from $10 to $25, all of which are affordable, accessible, and convenient for students. 

Program Director of Smile Community Clinic Francisco Velez, enjoys working with Dr. Veta, who started the Smile Community Clinic nonprofit organization. Her children inspired her to give back to her community and got her to start at preschools, middle schools, and now partnering up with CSUDH in providing students with accessible and affordable dental care.

 “Working with CSUDH to make it easier for the students so they won’t leave campus to get the basics procedures, x-rays will be [coming soon], examinations, general cleaning, and fluoride. We have grants available for students who don’t have dental insurance and have reduced prices,” Francisco Velez said.

Oral health is not just about having nice polished teeth. Dental and oral care is just as critical to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Taking an active role and practicing good oral hygiene plays a crucial component in overall health.

“It’s important to help students with the prevention, not using their insurance, regular checkups, and regular cleanings can lead to other diseases in the body, such as heart disease resulting in plaque ending up in their gums can affect their heart,” Lissete Chavez, a psychology major said. “It’s a prevention for their dental and overall health.”  

For more information to schedule an appointment, you can contact 310.293.2009 or you can visit CSUDH Student Health Center on Mondays.