Stalk Shelves to Snag the Best Turkey Day Deals

Illustration of thanksgiving foods

Budget-friendly ideas for Thanksgiving

For a lot of people, Thanksgiving is an opportunity to gather friends and family for food and fun. But with inflation squeezing the pocketbooks of consumers nationwide, putting that turkey on the table might be a challenge. 

Grocery store prices are on the rise, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The consumer price index for food items purchased at supermarkets increased 0.1 percent between August 2023 and September 2023, and was 2.4-percent higher than in September 2022. All this means Thanksgiving dinner is likely to be more expensive than it was last year.

Some college students already struggle to make ends meet, but cost-effective (and tasty) options are available. The Bulletin stalked the shelves at a few local grocers to break down what budget-conscious Toros can expect to pay for some classic “Turkey Day” staples.

Everyone knows turkeys take center stage on Thanksgiving. At Albertsons, a frozen 5-to-9 pound Butterball Whole Turkey will set shoppers back at least $20. While there, grab a 24-count of King’s Hawaiian Original Sweet Rolls for $9, or just a dozen for $5.

And of course, what’s Thanksgiving without those signature sides? Private label ALDI sells cans Sweet Harvest Jellied Cranberry Sauce for $1.75 each.

For those who prefer stuffing to dressing, a more affordable, ready-made alternative can be found at Walmart, which sells its Great Value brand Turkey-flavored Stuffing Mix for about 90 cents. Likewise, a 26.7-ounce box of Great Value brand instant mashed potatoes are available for just under $4 (smaller sizes are also available.) Walmart sells packages of dinner Rhodes brand traditional rolls for $5.12. 

Hit up Ralphs to grab some yams for $3.19. Then stroll over to the bakery to pick up an 8-inch pre-made pumpkin pie for $5. 

Thanksgiving dinner doesn’t have to break the bank, especially for college students. And these deals should make it easier for those hoping to stretch their dollars as far as possible this holiday season.